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Fast, Secure ways to send money abroad

Ahmed Taha Haidar

Exchange and Money Transfer

About Us

The company of exchange is created in 1977 in the republic of Djibouti. During forty years of leadership as a company of financial services, it has been able to link the relationship of works with the customers .The company has been able to provide them the reliable and rapid financial transactions; and consequently, the realization of the vision of the company and the respect of the high standards of the trust and deontology, focusing the quality of the service to the customers.

The future prospects and foundations of company

The identity of our society shows who we are today after of a cumulative success that will lead us to our future prospects. The main axis of the identity of our society is the commitment to make the best services to our customers, and this in a world in perpetual change.And to achieve this, we must work within the framework of the following deontological code:
• The trust-we do exactly what we say to do.
• Enjoy all – we work as one team in the internal and external environment of the company.
• The integrity: we specify all matters concerning our customers.
• The Power: We believe in what we do.
• The responsibility:We are committed to making a positive contribution to society and we aspire to a bright future.

Our Services

Our services are characterized by accuracy, speed and concern for the satisfaction of our clients ..


This service allows our customers at home and abroad to exchange local currency in foreign and foreign local and also allows them to exchange foreign currencies with foreign ones.

Money transfer

The transfer service allows our clients to send and receive money and remittances from the State of Djibouti to Yemen and all Yemeni governorates through our branches and agents. Our customers can also send and receive money to and from all over the world via international transfer networks.