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Al-Fanar Company for Photonics and Electricians
Integrated Solutions for all kinds of lighting

for Photonics and Electricians was established in 2014

The one of the first specialized companies in the field of lighting and providing them in all its forms and advantages. Unique shapes are manufactured according to the different demands of our customers. Solar energy concentrates a large part in the field of the company to encourage clean and renewable energy in Djibouti.

Our Value

We take you to another atrocity by looking and designing to make you feel this difference, Listen, understand and respond.
Innovation and keep up with all new to satisfy the tastes of our customers which are our main goal.

Our Vision

We are the developer in the field of the most distinguished lighting in the region and we offer innovative and innovative lighting and electrical products that contribute to the development of our society.

Our Mission

To achieve leadership in the field of optics by providing the highest quality standards and designs in both photovoltaic and electrical and to introduce our work in a framework of innovation, flexibility and creativity.

We take you to another atrocity by looking and designing to make you feel this difference

Our Products

LED lighting in all its forms and the power of multiple power, for example, an external hand to an internal hand

Chandeliers in several forms and features such as the complete and half once and keep up with everything new in this area

Provide an internal office ceiling of different sizes according to demand

External lighting depends on electrical energy or solar energy and different sizes

Different settings reflect the sophistication and splendor of the surroundings