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Building Materials And Electricity

Al Hamzah Company

Coordinate with international and local manufacturers of building materials with high quality specifications

Let's talk about

Al Hamzah Company was established in 2010,
and now it is one of the biggest companies supplying and selling building materials (wholesale and retail) in the market of Djibouti.
Has made strategic partnerships with its customers based on product quality, on time delivery, and advanced service delivery.
In a short period of time and through the experience gained in how to meet the needs of the market to develop and develop at a steady pace to occupy an advanced position in the market of building materials and has been through:

  • Coordinate with international and local manufacturers of building materials with high quality specifications
  • For excellence in providing the best services to its customers.
  • Expansion and expansion in the country
  • Work on training and developing its employees and attracting outstanding expertise.

Our Vision

Excellence and development in building materials. Providing everything related to this field and maintaining leadership in the field of building materials.

Our Mission

The participation of our clients in construction and construction through the provision of diverse building materials at competitive prices and with a distinguished work team.


Institutional work – Profit – Justice and honesty – Transparency – Excellence – Development

Our Products

Our contract with the largest manufacturers and distributors of iron certified inside and outside the country, and our ability to build strategic relations and contracts with the best international factories enabled the company to provide iron varieties of different sizes and high quality for its customers.
Al Hamzeh has a service delivery service to customer sites. In each of our warehouses there are a number of shutters for transporting all types of iron.

Al-Hamzah Company offers a wide range of different types of wetlands, such as: Austria, Malaysia and Indonesia. Where these items are in line with all the needs of the construction area of ​​support and subtraction

Al-Hamzah Building Materials offers a wide variety of the best types of white wood used in construction works. The company is contracted with the world’s leading manufacturers of timber in different countries such as Austria, Malaysia, and Indonesia

The plates are used for casting operations and have different grades, each with a specific quality. Its main task is to make the surfaces smooth to speed up the construction process and shorten the time. The thickness of each 18 mm board is composed of 13 overlapping layers, characterized by the quality of glue used between them Layers.

The company provides all sizes and quantities of concrete castings network with international specifications and high quality. We also have all sizes and quantities required

Heat Insulation:The tarpaulins are 100 micrometer thickness, up to 1000 micrometers and 4m x 15m. It maintains the water level in the concrete slab during the reaction process and gives the surface a smooth shape which facilitates the process of plastering and decoration. Waterproofing:Asphalt insulation of all types Bituminous Insulators for cold use and have a fundamental role in the insulation operations of surfaces, walls and foundations and bear direct temperature up to 50 degreesRoll rolls 1 m x 4 m non oxidizing Accepting shredding or oxidizer with internal fiber mesh

Used to install various wood panels and is manufactured according to the scale and has two measurements (5 cm – 6 cm)

Wire is used to connect all types of iron wire diameter 22 mm, and weighs 8 kg or 7 kg per roll, and its source is Chinese.