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The company open in 2012 in Djibouti. After a modest start with limited human resources and infrastructure. Abu Ahmed Electronics Company is growing at a steady pace since its inception
In a few years the company has achieved remarkable growth and has become a leading electronics company:
The company’s strategy is based on the simple idea of ​​”offering a value-effective innovation” to customers. Offering high quality and competitive products at affordable prices with real value for the price, for example: Producing lifestyle improvements through affordable luxury.
Abu Ahmed Electronics Group is committed to building a strong image of our brand, which aims to reach the top 3 brands of consumer electronics in the near future in Djibouti.

Our Vision

ABUHAMED ELECTRONICS seeks to enhance customer experience with each product by exceeding expectations.
We are not satisfied with the solutions community, from advanced technology and superior performance to distinctive design and product reliability, to retail partners within the industry.
You do not have to accept the settlement Choose our product offering, where innovation meets value.

Quality and mastery

Build a strong and lasting company for future generations, meet our commitments to shareholders and enhance our freedom of action.


Innovative processes, creative ideas, research and development that integrate new ideas in a way that has a positive impact on society.


For integrity Dealing with ethics and honor earns allegiance.
Our behavior is consistent with our commitment and we are responsible and accountable for our actions.

Air Conditioners

We have several types of air conditioners by size, power and use, which can be found through the photo gallery:
– Split conditioners
– Window conditioners
– stand air conditioners

Large Appliances

ABUAHMED ELECTRONICS is distinguished by its large quality equipment. Here are some of these products:

Refrigerators and Fries

Cooking Oven

Washing Machines and Detergents

Televisions and Acoustics

We provide everything new and innovative in the field of TVs and Acoustics.
LED TVs | Smart TVs | 3-D TVs | Audios

Household Appliance

Do not forget the role of active and difficult in the life of the individual so we have provided a wide variety of wonderful home appliances that will contribute to make our lives comfortable and smooth.

Food preserves and mixers
Coffee and water boilers
Microwave and roast
Water Coolers
Electric vacuum
iron devices
Weight tools